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June Tailor Notions

June Tailor's Heirloom Stitchers
Shape & Press Board

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This wonderful board works beautifully for smocking projects, with its bishop template on one side and a lace shaping templates on the other side. Its fiber board center is covered with batting and a muslin cover, just like an ironing board. You can pin directly into it, steam, shape, block and iron on it. There are rulers on all 4 sides, and it's covered in a 1 inch square grid. We use it to pin and block our pleated fabric to the correct size as we smock. My Silk Ribbon Smocking video, goes into complete detail as to how to use this board for smocking. Don't be afraid of using this. It will only improve your smocking and help take the pain out of your neck! Board is 26" by 20" and has a cloth handle. Order No. 850JT/N

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Purchase this board with my video, and receive 20% off
the original price of $38.95!

Your cost would be just $31.16!!

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June Tailor Supplies

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Press Clothes:
All pressing tools are from June Tailor Company.

Steam’n Shape Press Cloth:
7SSP2N/N     $6.95

Holds moisture longer on to the fabric for shaping. Prevents shine and
protects fabric nap. (pictured center)

460JT/N     $19.95

Use to press velvet, corduroy,
synthetic suede, velour, and any
napped fabric. Prevents crushing or matting. Works like a needle board.
9" by 19". (pictured top left)

Bristled Pressing Cloth:
220JT/N     $11.95

Can be placed on top of napped
fabrics to do touch up pressing.. (pictured bottom left)

Pressing Mitt

Gives you an ironing board on your hand. Excellant for hard to reach
areas like sleeve heads.
(pictured right & bottom)

EZE View Press Cloth:
232JT/N     $4.50

Let’s you see as you press. 100% cotton. 24" by 14"

Heavy Duty Press Cloth: 240JT/N     $5.50

Treated with bees wax and paraffin to help fix pleats, creases and hard pressing 12" by 20".

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Pressing Equipment:

Seam Roll
320JT/N     $24.50

For professional pressing of long or hard to reach seams. Prevents seam imprints on right side. Covered in wool & cotton. 14" long.
(pictured top right)

"No" Roll Tailor Ham 290JT/N     $29.50

Semi-flat bottom helps to keep the ham in place. Used for shaping and pressing darts and curved seams. One side is wool, other drilled cotton. (pictured left) Ham is sitting in the Ham Holder which helps free your hands for pressing.

Ham Holder
315JT/N     $16.95

Point Presser & Clapper
120JT/N     $21.95

Use the Clapper to flatten bulky areas, and create sharp finished edges. Use the point turner for collars and lapels. (pictured bottom right).

Press Mate
150JT/N     $22.95

100% Preshrunk Cotton, 59" by 20". Fits standard 54" ironing board. 1" gridded pattern. Perfect for blocking. Cover also has rulers and bias lines for accurate measuring while pressing.

Hi-Loft Ironing Board Pad 165JT/N     $18.95

100% heat resistant poly/nylon. Cushions like a heavy wool blanket.

Tailor Board
500JT/N $29.95

Wood tool for custom detail pressing. Consists of point turners, and all types of curves. Great for princess seams and collars.c_blank2.JPG (1614 bytes)

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5 Parkway Drive   -   Olmsted Falls, OH   44138   -   440-235-2035   -    1-800-910-2035
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6pm, Wednesday 10-9pm, Closed Sundays

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